Thursday, December 17, 2009

50 Years

Mom and dad are celebrating their 50 year wedding anniversary this Saturday. Wow.

I have such wonderful memories growing up in the house that they built. The house was always warm and welcoming. We always felt secure. Mom and dad were a united front, and we knew it. If we were dealing with one, we were dealing with them both. And dad had the best ways of celebrating mom's birthday. One year, he bought some empty capsules from the pharmacist, and typed out 52 messages and put one in each capsule. Every week after Sunday dinner, mom would get to open one capsule, and it would be a gift from dad: he would make the beds for that week, or cook meals. But there was also her sapphire ring, necklace and earrings in there, too. It was the gift that gave all year long, and we loved it!

There was a lot of laughter in their home, and there still is. They always have funny stories to share. And they don't take themselves too seriously. They enjoy life. And they enjoy it together.

God has blessed their faithfulness with long and happy lives, with much more to spare. And their children have risen up and called them blessed.

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