Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Things that make my day:

Hugs from random children
Random hugs from my children
Kudos from fellow teachers
Kudos from principals
A drop in gas prices
Funny videos that Christopher finds (the Button)
Phone calls from family
Green lights all the way to work
Good Dr's reports
A ball hit far by the boys
A high fly ball caught by the boys
A neck massage
Finding that little something you've been looking for. And it's on sale.
Dishes already done
Laundry almost done (I'm realistic)
My flowers in full bloom.

And unexpected phone calls from good friends far, far away. Love you, Sandy!

1 comment:

Leigh Anne said...

Love your list Stacy! Alot of those make my day too. <3
I found another great blog that I'm following-- it's at If you want some great recipes, check it out!
Love ya!