Thursday, November 29, 2007

Locker Rigging

I lived in a small town in Texas when I was in high school. It was nice. Only 43 in my graduating class, we all knew each other, hung around together. I was the new kid in town, having moved there from California (West Covina, 23 Degrees! I forgot to answer your question!), and for awhile was the focus of attention, just because of being new.

This newness brought about a some unwanted attention, I must say. After awhile, though, it did seem normal. It's not as though I was hated: I was on the drill team and later a (yes...I admit it) cheerleader. (I had to try out in front of the ENTIRE STUDENT BODY!!!) I had friends. Really.

But our school had this thing about rigging lockers. There were no locks on our lockers (we didn't lock our front doors, either, and we left the car keys in the ignition so we wouldn't lose them! Imagine that!) which meant they were just waiting to be tampered with.

The year my locker was next door to the Science lab, I had a dissected pig hanging in my locker. That's what started it all.

There was the time I found a live chicken in my locker. I still got in trouble for not bringing my English book to class! "Mrs. Brown, I couldn't get it! There's a chicken in my locker and it keeps pecking my hand when I try to get my book!"

There was the deer's ear. I know it sounds morbid, but it was during hunting season. You just have to expect things like that during hunting season.

Then there was Roy Campbell. Yup. Someone asked me to borrow a pencil, I said I have one in my locker, we walked that way and I noticed a crowd standing around watching. I opened my locker and there was Roy. Sitting on my books. He just raised his hand and said, "Hi."

Don't get me wrong. I learned to give as good as I got. I was smart. I hooked up with the angel-faced valedictorian. No one ever suspected us, and she had a knack for genius contraptions. Did you know Cheerios, Rice and Spaghetti all make great material for rigging lockers? I know it. Angel Face taught me. Synchronized watches, bathroom meetings, hall was great fun.

OK. 'Fess up. What type of pranks were you known for in high school? College? Now?


Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

I toilet papered more houses than I can count! The cuter the boy, the more often my friends and I toilet papered him. My friends and I also drove around squirting people out the car window with squirt guns, jumped on our friends' cars in the middle of the night to set off the alarms, prank called our teachers, blew up condoms and attached them to people's cars sometimes, and of course we did the classic "Chinese fire drill" at stop lights. My gosh, where were my parents? I don't do this stuff anymore!

Craver Vii said...

I once put "out of order" signs on the bathroom stalls of my job. EVERY SINGLE stall! Most people thought it was funny. Most, but not all.

Louise said...

Well let's see there would be the time in high school when we served a real sponge cake (as in cut the sponge in the shape of a round cake) to our english teacher.
The time in college that I had a girl believing that all the missionairies in Africa went around naked (well if they wear clothes when the nationals don't it would be like saying their body was better than the national's)... Ask Tommy if he remembers any other things... ;) and yes I was the planner of most of the pranks... I usually got others to carry it off... but not always! :D
Fun times BTW I was born in W. Covina... cool.

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

Oh, Lord have mercy! A deer's ear? Ick. Now, I never was the one playing pranks (because I was afraid to get in trouble). But, once I saw the guys hovering nearby as I went to my locker. I knew something was up. They had put a lab rat in my locker. I just picked it up and petted it. The guys were so disappointed.

What did you do with Cheerios, rice and spaghetti?
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Stacy said...

Cahleen, That's where I got my first taste of pranks. When I was 12, I was part of a small group of TPers called the 3 and half (me) Muskateers. The others were in college. I just got to tag along. ha! But they taught me well.

Craver, I can just imagine the ones who weren't crazy about it. Did you fess up? I don't think I would. :)

Louise, You just confirmed all of my suspicions about you. ha! I didn't know you were born in W. Covina! I lived by Baldwin Park High School.

Shelley, Yep. Deer's ear. What else is there to do on opening day in a small Texas town? Smaller than Denton, even! :) I love that you picked up the rat. That just took the wind right out of their sails, didn't it? You should have known Angel Face. You would have loved her. ha! She was brilliant. She actually rigged a box inside the lockers (we didn't have locks on our lockers believe it or not!)so that when we pulled a string with the locker shut, there was an avalanche of cheerios just waiting to cover the locker owner when they opened the door. It was the talk of the day, that's for sure.

You guys are a crack up!