Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Picture This:

I pulled this picture off of the Fox News website. It's from the uReport set of photos, meaning they are posting pictures of regular folks at the scene. I would encourage anyone to go there and view them. It will give you a good sense of what many people in Southern California are going through right now. It's heartwrenching, to say the least.


Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

I just remembered that you're a fellow Californian. Isn't thus just terrible? I know that fires happen every year around this time, but has it ever been this bad?

Anonymous said...

It absolutely breaks your heart to watch it on TV. Your photo says it all. Thankfully, there have been few lives lost!

Lots and lots!

Stacy said...

I used to be able to see Big Bear out of my front window. I remember it burning one summer. I could see the flames. Even though it was far away, it was still scary. I do think this is the worst it's ever been. And arson to boot. Ugh.

Carmi said...

It sickens me to think that some of this mayhem was deliberately set. I wish people had a little more empathy for the lives of others.

Sometimes, I think it's too easy for me to lose hope in the future of humanity when I see things like this. Then I see the heroism of those who have rallied to help, and my faith is restored.

CactusFreek said...

Unfortunatly, thats an awesome photo :o(

Anonymous said...

Scary picture, cuz. The closest fire to us was the Irvine Hills fire; about 15 miles away. Seeing those flames at nighttime was certainly very unnerving. Our home is in an asphalt jungle area, so we were never worried about it reaching us, but prayed heavily for those whom we knew were losing their homes.
Love ya,
Leigh Anne

Stacy said...

Leigh Anne!!!

OK. Get a facebook. Or blog. I need to comment to you sometimes, too! Let me know if you get either.

You're missed!

Anonymous said...

Oh please-- you don't know how much of a techno-idiot I am!! My kids will have to teach me. I have an old email address for you; think I'll try that first!

Miss you too!

Leigh Anne said...

I DID IT! I MADE A BLOG! Actually, it was quite easy--even for me. Now I just have to figure out how to maintain it, how to add pix and remember to post on it! HA! :-)

It's Come check it out and give me some wisdom on blogging, o great blog-woman!

xoxo Leigh Anne