Sunday, May 27, 2007

T and Ace's Big Adventure

Well, in response to winning Carmi's "caption this" contest for this week, I thought I should clean things up a bit and post some new stuff. By the way, Carmi, two things: 1. I knew you'd get that caption (ha) and 2. I have to give credit to my daughter for that one. I threw a few out there, and she thought the one I submitted sounded the most genuine. :) So credit officially goes to Em.

T (My husband, also known as Big Dad) and I had to make a quick trip to Taipei this weekend, and decided to take the bullet train. So, in the next two posts, I chronicled our events as they unfolded. Enjoy.

It all began with the magical golden ticket....

(Now to find a song that captures the spirit of the moment....)

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