Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Another favorite picture

I like this picture so much I think I'll write about it.

I took this picture in Thailand, and it was the type of picture I had been looking for for awhile. I happened to have my camera at hand, so I took the opportunity. Technology just doesn't seem to fit with the monk world. I believe, if I'm not mistaken, that they take a vow of poverty. They aren't supposed to own anything. So to see a monk using the ATM or a cell phone is comical in some ways.

Thailand is a great place to visit. We enjoy it very much. It is a beautiful place with flowers everywhere, and the people are always kind and helpful. I would highly recommend a visit to Thailand.

*Edit* Here's a link to the site for my son's 7th grade culture trip to Kaohsiung. It was an overnight trip, and they saw some pretty neat stuff. I believe the first picture is of the kids standing on the tropic of cancer. Great trip.

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