Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spitting and boys

It's a genetic thing, spitting. It has to be. With the exception of Aunt Colleen, I've never met a girl who could spit out of a car window without getting it back in the face or dribbled down their chin. Even those tough girls in my Texas high school who chewed couldn't muster a decent spit.

My three boys have all been spitters. (Except when trying to get the toothpaste closer to the drain.) The mentality seems to be: "I'm male. I'm outside. I spit."

There's an impressiveness to their spitting as well. Not just how much, but how far. Really. They can get it out there.

Hence the rules to spitting. There are rules, and boys will be the first to tell you what they are. It's a trial and error thing.

1. Don't spit into the wind. (You know the song)
2. Don't spit hockers in front of mom.
3. Do spit outside.
4. Don't spit inside.
5. Thanks to the movie "Tall Tales" and the code of the west: "Protect the land, defend the defenseless, and never spit in front of women and children" helped my boys learned more appropriate times to spit.
6. Don't be sitting in the back seat with an open window, while someone in the front seat is spitting.

I'm sure there are more, and I'll be happy to add them later. But I think it takes awhile for boys to find out that girls find this disgusting. Even longer for them to care. In some ways the old adage is true: boys will be boys. Now if we ever get into boys and their toys.....


Trey said...

Thanks Stacy!!!! Hey, I had to learn to spit with 2 older brothers, I was jealous of Tim though--he could spit between his front teeth. Oh and hockers are the best things to spit (they go farther) :)

Craver Vii said...

Oooooooohh, I get it now.