Friday, April 20, 2007

A Great New Site and Resource

I'm going to be spending the next few days reviewing a new site called

I've known of it's existence for a few weeks, because it is linked to Marcus Goodyear, a person in my blogroll (Good Word Editing) and sometimes commentor on this blog. The premise of this site is to be a helpmeet of sorts to the spiritual walk of the every day, 9 to 5 professional. The writers are experienced, and enjoy communicating truths revealed to them in their daily walk. Over the next few days, I will point out various aspects of the site, tell you how to join, explain the benefits of joining, and suggest some articles I found helpful.

There are other people also giving their insights on The High Calling. They are listed below. Feel free to visit their sites and hear what they also have to say about this exciting and wonderful resource for professionals.

L. L. Barkat

Gina Conroy

Craver VII


Milton Brasher-Cunningham

Mary DeMuth

Karl Edwards


Every Square Inch

Amy Goodyear

Marcus Goodyear

Al Hsu


Chalres Foster Johnson

Mike McLoughlin

Eve Nielsen

Ramblin Dan

Charity Singleton

Camy Tang


L.L. Barkat said...

Hopped over on the tour... nice to meet you, and I've definitely enjoyed the new HC site. Great writing over there!

Stacy said...

The site is a great concept. Thanks for stopping by! I've enjoyed your site as well. Plus, your comments on Mark's blog are pretty entertaining. :)