Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting there, but not quite...

I really needed a restful Summer, and I am getting some rest, but it's still not the complete rest I was hoping for because my brain is still jumbled.  I guess it's not restful because of the projects hanging over my head:

The biggest and most pressing project is an online course I'm building for the district.  I want it to be good, because like a fellow teacher pointed out, it's kind of like putting your entire soul out there to be judged.  OK, it's not that bad, but it feels that bad.  So I want to do a really good job.  It will be on twice exceptional learners, and I want to make sure the teachers learn what they need to, and that I give them current research as well.

The next is a training I'm attending mid-July.  That's not as stressful, but I need to make sure I'm prepared to use the material later in the year.

In early August I'll be teaching three classes during our Summer Institute for the district.  It's nice to get paid, but it's one more thing hanging out there.

Lastly is our campus retreats in August.  I'm presenting a large amount of material at my main campus' retreat, and a smaller amount of material at my secondary campus' retreat.  It's new to me material, and I haven't presented it before, so it will be a little stressful presenting it in front of my peers.  However, both campuses have such a great group of teachers who like to have fun and enjoy learning, so I'm sure once I get going, it will be fine.

I do like the extra responsibility, and I'm honored to know that my administrators believe in me enough to entrust me with this.  But in each event, I get about a week to prepare before presenting again.  I think next year I'll do a little less.  I do love what I do, and I think next year will be a little less stressful because I've lived and learned about splitting two campuses this year, and I'm going into this year a bit wiser. :)

Still, I'm thankful for the restful days I'm getting now. 

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