Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Let me get this straight.

Regarding the Casey Anthony trial and the logic (or lack thereof) used:

-If Caylee died as a result of an accidental drowning, why was there duct tape covering her nose and mouth?
-Doesn't the admission of the accidental drowning indicate an acknowledgment of knowledge of the death, and therefore knowledge of where the body was?
-Doesn't that lead to knowledge of who placed the body there, and who put the tape on the nose and mouth?
-If that's the case, why the tape if she had drowned?

I'm just not following the logic here.  Put aside how she died.
She died, and Casey said it was an accidental drowning.  The jury agreed that she misled police regarding where Caylee was and the fact that she had died.  So there is acknowledgment that they were there when the body was disposed.  So why didn't anyone ask why the tape then?  Why was it necessary for them to tape her mouth when they disposed of her?  In a garbage bag.  In the woods.

If there is EVER a reason for teaching thinking skills in the classroom....    ugh.

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