Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rough week, but then not

This has been an exhausting week, both emotionally and physically.  It has been a week of tough cuts within our school district, and my position has been slated as one to cut.  Well, it's not just me, but they are cutting 10 positions down to 5.  In the end, I was one of the 5, but it's a bittersweet thing.  The group of people that make up our team are phenomenal women and teachers.  Our tight little group just got smaller, and we are going to miss those friends desparately.  They aren't jobless, mind you, but they won't be applying their talents where they are used best, either, and that makes me sad.  They'll be missed something awful.  There's also a bit of survivor's guilt going on that doesn't help things!

On the physical side, it's been a week of staying late on a daily basis.  Relay for Life was Friday night, and the prep was pretty rough, but again, so fun when working with such amazing women.  It's a lot of fun participating in that kind of work with crazy women.  I can say, though, that I've had nappy time visits regularly this weekend. I'm so thankful for a husband who let me sleep, took over cooking and cleaning so I could rest, and just let me recoup.  He's so thoughtful that way.

Next week will be busy, too, but not as much.  Testing is not my favorite thing (it's extremely boring from the teacher's perspective!) but I can't wait for these kids to show what they know.  They're ready.

At the end of this exhausting week, I count myself blessed, and can finally look forward to planning for next year.  It will be a good year. 

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