Sunday, January 09, 2011

Blogging Meets Classroom

Awhile back I took part with in some photography challenges with some of my blogging friends I met online.  Carmi, Anna and Mike (all amazing photographers!) would submit these amazing photos, and I learned so much from their perspectives.  The challenges each week were things like Project Blue, Project Black and White, and Project Look Through.  The way that these photographers interpreted these challenges was just fun and brought out so much creativity in the rest of us.  We learned a lot through them.

So I decided to take what I learned from them and bring it to the classroom.  Last week, just for fun with no grade attached, the kids can participate in our own little project for the week.  The theme this week is Project Green.  Already I've received a picture of a cat's eye (the most beautiful green you've ever seen!), grass, a recycling bin, okra....they are just eating it up.  Now I'm thinking about what to do with the pictures!  A collage is an easy fallback, but I want to display them well.  We will spend about 30 minutes in the computer lab and I'll show them how to use some editing software so that we can really bring out the greens in the picture, and maybe do some cropping.  We'll see.  We're all learning as we go!

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young-eclectic-encounters said...

so glad to have found your blog- i found you through Written inc- If you do this again try a slideshow with music- kermit the frog singing It's not easy being green would have been perfect- there is also a program that makes the slide show into a book
Johnina :^A