Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Little Bragging

Just a little. Because mom's are allowed.

Number one son (NOS) went to get his license this month. We have an insider at the DMV, the mom of one of my son's friends, which is always nice. She lets us know the good times to come and such. We followed her advice and she was right, as we only had to wait a few minutes instead of hours.

Anyway, when NOS went to get his driver's permit, he took the written test and failed it. The woman who helped him fill out his paperwork was named Esther, a grandmotherly type, and a really nice lady. Not someone you'd expect at the DMV. When NOS failed, she told him not to worry and to come back tomorrow. The next day, we went again, and again we got Esther. This time NOS got a 100, and she took the time to really talk to him (as an adult should really talk to a young man about the responsibilities of driving.) Timothy took it to heart. And he liked Esther and the fact that she took the time to discuss that with him. Every now and then, he'd see his friend's mom and say, "Tell Esther hello for me!"

Fast forward 9 months (he was in no hurry to get his license, believe it or not!) and we are standing at the DMV. Who do we get, but Esther. Out of 8 people working, we got her. She immediately recognized Timothy and told him she was so glad to see him. She processed his paperwork, then said, "Hold on, I have a verse I want to give you before you leave." She wrote down on a piece of paper Prov. 29:17, and she told him that whenever she thinks of him, she thinks of that verse, because she has heard that he is a person of strong character and doesn't get swayed by friends into bad situations.

In the end she shook our hands and told us she's happy to have met us. I walked in being a bit proud of my son getting his license, but walked out proud of him for much different reasons. And all of that at the DMV. Really. What a wonderful day at the DMV!

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