Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Red Door

I decided to paint my door red. It's a pretty shade of red, though not without it's controversy. A friend asked if I was trying to ward off demons. Big Dad isn't quite so sure about the color, either. But I want a red door. So I decided to paint it red. It was hot out, and I was trying to get it done quickly so that I could get out of the sun.

As I was painting, I heard a car drive up and then stop. I just kept painting, because I figured someone was admiring my beautiful new door. "Miss?" Funny guy. Miss. I had to chuckle. I turned around, and it was Brad. Brad Pitt. I kid you not....Brad Pitt was calling me. And he was calling me "Miss."

"Excuse me, Miss? Can you tell me who built this home?" asked Brad.

I casually walked up to the car, trying hard not to look impressed. I think I tripped, though. "Hey. Hi there. My name is Stacy Hughes."

"Brad Pitt." We shook hands.

"I know. So you want to know who built this home? I think it was Fox and Randall."

"Ah, yes. I know of that builder. I would like to get in touch with him."

"You're from Springfield," I said, continuing with my casual, nonchalant conversation. "I went to college there. In fact, my daughter was born in the hospital you just made a big donation to!"

"St. John's," he said. "What college did you go to?"

Sheepishly, I told him about the small Bible college I went to. I say sheepishly because I was usually up to mischief there. "Did you ever get hit by an egg or water balloon while you were there?"

He looked surprised. "Yes! I was jogging around SMS, and this volkswagon full of girls drove by and hit me with a water balloon. Was that you?"

"I miss that VW," I said wistfully.

We laughed and laughed.

"Nice door," I heard from a voice inside the SUV. It was Angelina.

"Thanks," I said. "It's been quite the controversy, but I really like it."

"It's a great color," she said.

And I'm thinking, "Wow. Here I am shooting the breeze with Brad and Angie."

"Well, we better be going. Thanks for the help," said Brad.

"Thank you for the walk down memory lane. I haven't thought about those years or that VW in ages." I insisted. "It was nice meeting you both. Have a good one..."

"You, too," they said, and waved as they drove off.

I walked back to my door, stood there a few moments, just to take in what had just happened, then resumed painting.

I didn't tell anyone. I knew no one would believe me.

About a week later, I had a knock on my door. It was some delivery guy, who asked me to sign on the dotted line. "For what?" I asked. He pointed outside and handed me a card.

I opened the card, and it said "Here's to new mischief. Brad and Angie PS. Love the Red Door!"

I looked outside, and there was a green VW. No lie! A brand new, green VW was sitting in my drive, a gift from Brad Pitt and Angelina Joleigh. I almost fainted.

Or maybe I did faint. Or had too much sun. Or maybe I was just daydreaming a bit too much as I painted in the sun. But I like my little daydream, and I want to remember this story for awhile, and shooting the breeze with Brad and Angie. It was a good one while it lasted, and they liked my red door. The door is beautiful.


Mel said...

wow what a story for your kids to share with their kids... and you your grandkids. ! Too cool!

Do you love your bug?

What a blessing... really it is nice to hear such a great story!


Trey said...

Thanks, I needed a laugh right about now! I would like to see a picture of your beautiful red door. I will post MY story of Brad and Angelina on my blog one day soon! :)

mel said...

Please tell me it is true:) cause I totally believed you!

Stacy said...

Lol! Nah, the only green bug I've seen lately is one in the bushes. I guess my subtle hints about it being a daydream were a bit too subtle.

Colleen.... continue the story! Actually, I secretly hope they read it somehow and go ahead and deliver that green bug. ha! I really want one.... they're so cute.

Mel said...

okay so I'm one very gullable gal! :) Darn it! Great job on the story cause I was so totally sucked right into it. :) LOL.. even Josh believed it! Good one!

Bettye said...

Wow!, that was quite a story, Stacy! I loved it even though you did have me going there for a minute. If I hadn't JUST got off the phone with you and JUST had the conversation about your car, I may have totally believed it! It was fun reading anyway!
Love you lots!