Friday, April 04, 2008

A New Time of Life

Baby girl is graduating, and it's all about me. Isn't that terrible? Actually, I am so happy for her and proud of her, but I'm realizing it's the end of an era.

Em was the easiest child to parent. No lie. The things that worried me about her were not in her control: her learning disability, her "too sweet" nature that others tended to take advantage of... those were the things I worried about. But never the typical teenager things: the sassiness, talking back, rebellion. I waited, but it never came. her kind heartedness or her willingness to help others...the big things. And it seems those big things are carrying her into adulthood. She wants to serve others and I couldn't be prouder. Her ideas for career choice are in that realm.

As for me, I'm wondering what my testosterone-filled house will be like without her here to help balance things out. I'm wondering who will help me make cookie dough and hide it in the freezer so none of the boys can find it. And I'm wondering who will show me those funny video clips she has a knack of finding.

But, that's how it goes. My relationship with Em will move more into friendship, and I look forward to that. I also look forward to watching her discover the world. There's a lot out there for a girl like her.


Anonymous said...

Well, another blog entry that made me cry. Em is a very precious young lady with a big heart that will carry her though life. We're soooo looking forward to summer! Give her a big hug from us!!

With much love,

Anonymous said...

hummm, you said yourself the transition wouldn't be that bad. ;P


Stacy said...

Not for YOU!