Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Photo by Anna Carson
Today is Mom's birthday, and what can I possibly say in just a few lines?

I have such great memories of family, and the houses that mom made home. When I think of the home that mom made, it includes great cooking, "Back to the Bible" on the radio in the mornings, piano playing, and did I mention great cooking?

She made sacrifices for us, but we never knew it. She had it hard at times, I'm sure, but she made it all look simple. Even now I wonder how she was able to do as much as she did. She didn't have a PAYING job all of those years, but being a pastor's wife includes a lot in it's job description.

Mom, I wish I could be there for your birthday! This time next year maybe we can celebrate it WITH you for once in a LONG time! You're loved like a milkshake on the moon!


Mike said...

Happy Birthday Stacy's Mom!

Hope you have (had) a terrific day.

Anna said...

Happy Birthday Mom! hehehe....Great picture here....and what a wonderful tribute to your mother!

Take care!

Stacy said...

Of course it's a great picture! You took it!!! (Now that you've mentioned it!)

I wrote this quickly and realize I didn't give you credit! It will go up NOW. You deserve all of the traffic your pictures bring, not that my little site will bring you a lot of traffic!

Hope this finds you a bit more settled now....

Anna said...

Can I honestly tell you that I didnt recognize that pic? I am being totally serious! That is too funny. Thanks for the shout out!