Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Promptings, Listening and Learning

Sorry, I can't take credit for this picture. I wish I knew who to give credit to, but I don't. But it's a nice picture!

I thought I'd share this over a cup of morning coffee:

Starting out the new year brings to mind my friend that passed away last April. It's easy to think of her at this time, because while I'm in the throws of beginning-of-the-year scheduling, and I'm looking over my protocols,her handwriting is all over the place. This is natural, because I took over her position when I started teaching at this school.

But it has caused me to reflect on some things that took place during the previous two years I taught. She and I remained in touch, often catching each other on Skype to talk about the job, and her life in China, and about some of her former students.

It was during this time that I felt a real need to let her know how a few of her former students were doing. She worked really hard and lay the groundwork for the successes in these students lives. And, as is so much the case in the teaching realm, she didn't get to see the fruits of her labor. Their success came after the years of hard work, patience and perseverance that she displayed in working with them.

I can only call my desire to let her know of their successes promptings. It might have been a small light bulb moment in one of my students, but I knew it was there because of her work and I felt strongly that she needed to know. So I followed those promptings, and I'm so amazed that I did! Really. It's sad to say, but life was so hectic and busy, that it wasn't always easy for she and I to connect, but I did. I am so glad I listened to that voice.

See, while I miss Andrea, and I do regret not speaking at her memorial (I don't cry pretty), I am so thankful that I don't regret anything else. Had I denied that voice, had I not told her about the fruits of her labor of love, I would be grieving her death in a much different way.

Sometimes listening to those promptings brings about a whole new level of learning. It's that other level that God wants to take us to. The hands-on learning. Not just the book knowledge, but the life application part and the understanding part. He's there on that new level, just waiting to hand out the blessings that go with it.

So here's to promptings, listening and learning, and the blessing of peace that is there along side. In the end it's not about me, but it allows me to grow anyway.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Stacy, that is soooo true. That happened to me not long ago, that prompting to call Peggy T. and invite her to have lunch. I knew we just needed to get together. In our conversation during lunch she mentioned that it was one year ago when Roddy passed away. I had totally forgotten, but God hadn't. Amazing, huh!
Love you lots and lots!

Mike said...

Amazing post Stacy. I glad you followed those little urgings you had to stay in touch.

Good teachers amaze me. The lives they touch are so precious and just think of the influence they have for so many years. Teresa still hears from some of her students from many years ago when she was a first grade teacher. I know she misses that daily contact now that she is an elementary librarian but she is influencing many more now with a lifetime love of reading.

Great post, I know you miss Andrea, that is a good thing. I wish you a great school year.


Stacy said...


I know! I'm so glad it works like that because otherwise I would just let things go! :)


Thanks for the encouragement! It all tends to hit at the end and beginning of the school year because I'm looking up her notes and such. Also, I've been in touch (via Facebook)with some of my former students and it has been such fun. Seeing them in their adult years is a bit strange, though! ha!