Sunday, July 15, 2007

To the beach

My sister-in-law and niece are here from the states. We are so happy to have them here. I've known Kay since 4th grade. I thought she looked like Kate Jackson when I first met her. We have been friends all this time. She's the sister I never had and a best friend to boot. I love the fact that we always just pick up where we left off. She feels comfortable enough to help herself to a snack at my house and I feel comfortable enough to allow her to do dishes. Our kids are the same way with each other. It's great fun.

So we're off for a few days of adventure. I intend to show them some great sites in Taiwan. First stop, Kenting. The Hawaii of Asia. Kay loves the beach, so the beach it is.

Old friends. What do you do to foster those relationships?


amanda said...

Two of my cousins come this Wednesday . . . and Kenting is one of the first things we are going to do as well.

I can't wait!!!!

How long will they be here?

23 degrees said...

Stacy, I like the comment that you are comfortable enough with her to allow her to do dishes.

Good to have friends that are constants in our lives, that know our history and are part of it...

Blessings on your time together!

Stacy said...


Till the end of July! Have fun with your cousins. Extended family is great, isn't it?


That's exactly it...she knows my history and is part of it. And loves me still! ha! Great thoughts on your blog, by the way. Ministry and business are not always good bedfellows, are they? Especially when there are too many yes-men. Good insights.